GIS, Simulation and Data Fusion


Camera, infrared, night vision, LiDAR, radar sensors, have evolved from the extremely expensive military hardware to state-of-the-art compact affordable systems. Capabilities and performances have increased dramatically.  Still, the man-machine interface remains a major challenge. Interpretation and decision-making need to be trained adequately.

MChE is working with companies having developed cutting-edge technologies for civilian and homeland security use in the field of:

Simulation : Computational and visualization engines, designed to support a wide range of demanding visual applications based on photo-realistic visual and sensor scenes of real-world locations as requested by the customer.



Georgraphic Information Services : automated generation of 2D and 3D images

Stadt2      Simulation : Computational and visualization engines, designed to support a wide range of demanding  visual applications based on photo-realistic visual and sensor scenes of real-world locationsas requested by the customer.
overlay2 Data fusion : Fusion and visualisation of data from various electronic sensors for situation awarness

Maritime surveillance

Maritime Surveillance Aircraft


Maritime Surveillance Aircraft

Maritime Surveillance Aircraft

DA42Radar bottom view2Illegal fishery, smuggling, pollution, migration control, search and rescue are challenges facing coast.line countries. Existing equipment and tools often derived from namilitary and naval inventory are expensice and out of reach for many national navies , coast guards and environmental protection organizations.

Teaming up with Xenon Aviation, a company based in Monterblanc, France, we have a partner with a comprehensive know-how in the planning and execution of maritime surveillance tasks. Working in close relationshipnwith state of the art sensor manufacturers and system integrators, we are aiming to offer maritime surveillance and tools based on light aircraft and helicopters.

In the field of maritime surveillance radars we are working together with the Frensh company Diadés Marine.

We are platform agnostic : we can provide turn key solutions or have sensors integrated in your existing platform. Command and control solutions can be offered in standard configuration or tailored according to your needs and budgets.

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Maritime Surveillance based on light fixed wing and rotary aircraft

Xénon Aviation , a company based in Monterblanc, France, specialized in providing maritime surveillance services, maritime surveillance training, flight services and maintenance support,


MChE Trading  have signed a co-operation agreement with the aim to market cost efficient solutions for airborne fishery and coastal maritime surveillance systems as well as airborne search and rescue and maritime traffic surveillance tools


Founding of the Lemberg High Tech Cluster

MChE Trading in co-operation wirh i2i associaes founded the LembergHighTech cluster Lviv , a university city with long tradition, is the center of a region full of knowledge, skills and enterpreuneurship. There is a multitude of ambitious small and medium enterprises that can provide services like IT oustsourcing, assembly of electronic systems and sofware development. The aim of the LembergHIGHTech Cluster is to promote the industry of Western Ukraine and to develop strategic cooperations with companies in Western Europe.

IT and Telecommunication


We support IT and telecommunication vendors in developing the European market. With our network of relevant contacts, we are able to provide fast and efficient market entry.

LogoLembergHightechYellow1In Oktober 2016 we founded the Lemberg High Tech Cluster .The Western Ukaranian region with its Central European heritage is only a few hours away from major technology hubs and offers strategic and operational resources, dynamic enterpreneurs, well educated work force, competitive pricing.

The Lemberg High Tech Cluster provides an opportunity for Western European enterprises to find the ideal partner among many Western Ukrainian enterprises in a wide range of hightech sectors.

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We are consulting the general aviation industry in the field of composite parts and their certification