First highly encouraging results in treating an Ebola infected patient in Frankfurt with FX06.

This Wednesday the university hospital in Frankfurt reported the successful treatment of an Ebola patient medically evacuated from Sierra Leon. The compound FX06, developed in Austria, was used by experts of the University Hospital of Frankfurt in the frame of a compassionate use after being approved by the ethic commission. FX06 could substantially contribute to the recovery of the patient. The substance had been developed by a scientist at the Vienna General Hospital (AKH) and has the potential to decisively influence the outcome of the Ebola infection.

“Originally we wanted to focus on another indication and were in the course of raising funds. As we noticed that all our preclinical and clinical files on FX06 clearly indicated that our substance is addressing one of the most dramatic disease patterns of Ebola, the so-called ‘vascular leak’. The effect of FX06 consists in sealing the walls of the blood vessels getting permeable in the course of the disease. Thus an irreparable damage of vital organs is being anticipated.”This can be decisive and life saving” declares Mr. Thomas Steiner. The Viennese entrepreneur is CEO of the company MChE – F4Pharma.

“We had already been in contact with the WHO and other international organizations as we received the request for help from Frankfurt. Fortunately the manufacturer of our substance, Bachem, was in a position to send immediately and in an unbureaucratic way the substance FX06 to Frankfurt.”

“We actually created the prerequisite for further healing tests in Europe and stored material centrally at the University of Frankfurt. Now the challange is to overcome any arising further requirements before being able to begin clinical tests in West Africa” remarks the biotechnical expert Dr. Petra Wülfroth of F4-Pharma.

The cooperation with the team at the University Hospital in Frankfurt, headed by Prof. Dr. Kai Zacharowski, is a cardinal point to facilitate the use of FX06 in specialized centers in Europe and also in West Africa at the earliest convenience. The scientific research undertaken in intensive care in European and US are prerequisite to understand the course of this striking epidemic.

“As a matter of fact MChE F4-Pharma is in urgent need of support and is looking for further funds. We hope to be able to count on investors of the public and private sector in order to have FX06 as soon as possible for fighting against Ebola world-wide” concludes Mr. Steiner. The producer of FX06, Bachem, donated material in the value of several 100.000 €.

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Last Modified: November 5, 2014
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